Bathtub Reglazing
also known as bathtub resurfacing is the process of restoring the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like-new condition. This process typically involves repairing any damaged areas, prepping the surface and applying a new finish.
Why Reglaze?
Price is usually the largest factor when choosing to go with reglazing over purchasing a new fixture. A brand new bathtub, for example, will cost on average over 75% more than the cost to have your existing tub reglazed. And the finished product looks just a good as a new tub!! Here are some additional reasons:
Convenience – reglazing is much more convenient than bathtub replacement – both in time and disruption to your environment.
Bathtubs reglazed in place – bathtub, tiles or wall surrounds do not have to be removed. Your flooring and plumbing are undisturbed. We reglaze on site.
Bathtub looks new again – transforms your hard to clean, dull and worn out bathtub into an easy to clean, brilliant and new finish. Ideal for color changes as well.
No mess – our certified craftsmen handle each project with care and quality.
In and out your house – reglazing is 100% complete in just a matter of hours.